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In aviation, as in all industries, around 70% of incidents and accidents are attributed to human error. Errors within the aviation industry and their consequences are very visible and have always been the focus of public and media attention. This has resulted in a great deal of research going into the underlying causes behind these errors and how they may be prevented.

Our experiences as Training Captains for a major European airline, has given us a unique insight into the practical application of these studies, both inside aviation and to other safety critical industries.

Based on research in successfully working to reduce the accident rate in aviation we offer Safety In Mind, our behavioural based customised 'human factors' training course, to safety critical industries. 

Our courses aim to increase the ability of employees to manage threats and errors thus increasing safety and efficiency of their organisation.


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Safety In Mind

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Safety In Mind


Training Core Course Instructors

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National Grid

Working with National Grid, our 2-day Safety In Mind Course was adapted for their Control Engineers with the aim of reducing the number of errors committed. All operational engineers attended one of the three courses we delivered. The overall feedback was extremely positive.

SP Energy Networks

Having previously delivered a series of Safety In Mind courses for around 500 operational staff, SP Energy Networks asked us to run a one day seminar on the importance of the 'human factor' in error prevention. A one day seminars was delivered successfully to over a 100 attendees.

Kuwait Airways

Omega has a long history of supplying Core Course, Behavioural Marker and Refresher training to Kuwait Airways Instructors. Our latest project was writing and training a cohort of Kuwait Flight Instructors to deliver their own 5 day Core Course for new Instructors.



"Safety in Mind is undoubtedly one of the most effective safety related training events our business has ever undertaken. The training has helped staff at all levels and from varied backgrounds to understand why individual behaviour frequently strays from the ideal. Equipped with this understanding, and by use of the techniques the course promotes to mitigate against the effect, our people have shown improved safety awareness and performance. Feedback from staff attending Safety in Mind has consistently rated the training among the best they have ever undertaken.

Andy Chadwick

E.ON UK CHP Ops Coordinator

The Safety In Mind course I attended was a country mile better than any other course that I have been on on all the years I have worked in the electricity industry

WPD Safety In Mind feedback

Huge benefit to your presentation that you, like us, were both operators in high risk high integrity processes. Good to compare and contrast your experiences and knowledge with our assessments of our shortcomings. Very knowledgeable presenters and very well prepared. Thank you

NG Safety In Mind feedback



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