Safety In Mind

Human Factors Course forMedical Staff

Based on the lessons and research from aviation our two day Safety In Mind course is adapted to the needs of patient safety. The training is aimed at helping all medical staff to develop behavioural strategies; at the individual, team and organisational level, that prevent significant errors and increase resilience.

Subjects typically covered on a course include; Threat & Error Management, Decision Making, Situation Awareness, Teamwork, Fatigue, Stress, Behaviour, Resilience & Communications

Image by National Cancer Institute


Human Factors Seminar for Medical Staff

Our one day seminar is aimed at larger audiences than the Safety In Mind Course (SIM). The day is tailored round the Human Factor issues of our medical clients. Like the SIM course the day typically draws from the findings from aviation. Unlike the SIM course due to the larger numbers the day is less interactive.

Image by Bill Oxford