Behavioural Marker Training

 Aviation regulatory authorities have mandated the training and assessment of CRM skills. Our Behavioural Marker Training Course utilises the NOTECHS marker system to train instructors in their use and facilitation technique in debriefing trainees. We can also work with the airline to customise NOTECHS to reflect the culture of the organisation and its pilots.

Image by Karen Grigorean

Core Course

Our five day Core Course is aimed at new Instructors. The objective of the course is to give new Instructors the knowledge and skills required to train both technical and CRM subjects in the classroom and simulator briefing room.

We also offer a shorter 2 day refresher for experienced Instructors. As part of the course we use their experiences to explore some of the new challenges facing aviation and how as Instructors these can be met.

Image by Dylan Gillis

Command Leadership

In the modern airline environment the Captain is in a unique position, on a daily basis, to meet and overcome challenges, that affect both safety and profitability of the airline. To do that effectively requires high levels of self-awareness and leadership skills. The skills required from the individual go far beyond those discussed briefly in most mandatory CRM programs.

Our course aims to develop knowledge and skills in areas such as: Leadership Skills & Styles, Self-Awareness, leading Multi-Cultural Teams, Developing Others, Managing Conflict, Managing Workload, Decision Making Skills, and The Role of the Captain in Effective Customer Service